Sugary Goodness

Cakes from this last weekend! I enjoyed making each one of them!

The first one was a Gatsby theme. I colored the chocolate icing to make it black and covered the cake entire cake and also used it as the filing between the layers of cake. Then I colored some white buttercream icing purple and did the scroll work. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would for the scroll work. Yay for me! The ribbon on the cake isn’t edible as the feathers aren’t either. Everything else is. The inside of the cake was what cake colored like a rainbow. When the cake was cut into it spewed out sprinkles! The Birthday Girl LOVED the cake! Still trying to get the photos to upload of what the cake looked like inside but having technical difficulties.

The Mermaid Under the Sea cake it was strawberry cake colored pink ombre’ with sprinkles that spewed out when the cake was cut into also! The birthday girl LOVED her cake also! The birthday girls are sisters and had a joint birthday party! For the melting icing I used white chocolate ganache that I colored myself with my wilton easy color kit. The toppers that I used was mix of fondant, white chocolate, and glitter card stock.

The Princess Castle tried my patience that week. I hadn’t been privileged to get an order till now for this cake! I was excited! I thought I had all the logistics worked out but that didn’t seem so when I started decorating it. The other 2 cakes that I made similar to this where both for my daughter, So I didn’t have to worry about traveling with the cake. So I shook the cake like it was in a car traveling down the road. I moved it several times from one surface to the other. The only issue I had was with the top 3 towers. I couldn’t get them to sit straight up. They kept trying to lean forward. Leaning forward is never good! One finally toppled over. Luckily I was able to fix what it tore up. Which wasn’t much, Thank goodness! Dodged a bullet there! I finally took the other 2 towers off the top tier and resorted to hot gluing the dowel rods to the bottom of the towers. I had to glue 4 dowel rods to each bottom of the towers. IT WORKED! They didn’t move at all! Even thru all my trials of moving and shaking them! I was pretty confident that the cake would hold up during travel. Boy was I wrong! As soon as she got the cake out to the car and sat it in the back the towers that was attached to the cake board decided that they had enough of the moving around and they fell. I was bummed! I tried to follow her home to fix any of the mishaps but she stated that she had someone at her house that could fix the towers. So I sent her with some royal icing, buttercream icing, and some sprinkles just in case. Lesson learned, next time I will deliver the cake myself so that I can fix any issues there might be and my client won’t have any issues.

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