Cake Decorating Sets

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I was just looking thru Amazon, my favorite place to shop! I noticed all the cake decorating kits that they sell. I sure wish they exhisted 10 years ago! It would have been nice to have all those things instead of piecing it all together over the years as I needed certain tools.

Here are a few of the cake decorating sets that would be great if you are wanting to start out decorating or have already started and need more things to expand your techniques! Are there any sets else where that I am missing? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy!

This kit above comes with 243 pieces for less than $50! The only thing missing is cake boards to set the cake on! You can purchse this kit here. I personally haven’t used this particular kit before. Although I would purchase this if I was just starting out in this day and age. This kit has enough tools to get you thru your first year! There are a few things that I wish I had!

If you aren’t sure about throwing down $50 to get almost everything you would need to start out here is a great kit that is $31. It comes with 117 tools! It even comes with a book with recipes and some helpful tips on how to ice and use the tips! Here is the link to purchase this kit!

This kit here has all the essential tips to get started with plenty of pastry bags! This kit cost $14.99 and you can purchase it here. I am always running out of pastry bags.

The turntables in each of these kits is a must! It makes decorating around the cake soo much easier! I still don’t have the scrappers for the side of the cake! May be my next purchase!

I couldn’t open a jar of jelly……

This morning while fixing the kids lunches I realized that I needed a new jar of jelly for their pb&j sandwiches. Instinctively I grab one out of the pantry and try to open it. I couldn’t.

I used to be the one who everyone always came to to open jars they couldn’t. Now I am the one who has to search out someone to open up jars for me. Ugh stupid carpel tunnel. My grip is not what it used to be.

This makes me sad. 😦 My poor husband has clammy hands. So he normally comes to me when he needs something opened. He can never get a grip on lids to open them, and my 13 year old is as week as I am! haha. Hopefully he gets stronger as he grows more. :/

So I am on the search for things to help make opening jars easier for myself. I have these rubber grips but can NEVER find them when I need them. They get legs and walk off.

Here is 10 things including the one posted above I have found to help!

  1. Evriholder East-Twist Jar Opener. Purchase here.

2. Pampered Chef Jar Opener

3. Jar Opener Multifunction Adjustable for 1-4 inches Bottle Can, Stainless Steel. Purchase here.

4. The Grip Jar Opener. Purchase this here.

5. Bottle Opener, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1, Can, Soda, and Jar Openers. You can purchase here.

6. Elabo Can Opener and Jar Opener Set.

7. Putting Duct Tape on a lid like this looks easy enough!

8. Rubberized Jar Opener by Brilliant Promos

9. Swing-A-Way 711BK Comfort Grip Jar Opener. Purchase here.

Do you have one that you like the best? Comment below and tell me about it!

Cakes of all sorts!

Here are the cakes that I just finished up Friday night! Loved how they turned out. Not happy about how the towers started fall before the client was even out of my driveway. They are super top heavy since the roofs are covered in buttercream icing and sprinkles. I sent her with some buttercream icing, royal icing, and sprinkles just in case. The other 2 cakes where for a pair of sisters celebrating their birthdays with a joint party. The inside of the scroll work cake was rainbow with sprinkles that spewed out when it was cut into. The mermaid inspired cake was strawberry cake colored to do a pink ombre’ affect and it also had sprinkles on the inside that spewed out when cut into! They LOVED their cakes. Next time I receive an order for the princess castle cake it will be delivered. That way I can fix any issues that come from traveling with it. I hope it wasn’t to big of a disaster when she arrived home. Fingers crossed. I have been trying to upload the inside of the 2 cakes but for some reason it won’t allow me to. Once I get that figured out I’ll update the post.

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About Me

A little about me. I am a SAHM to 3 wonderful kids. They get on my nerves but I still love them to death. Baking and decorating cakes along with crocheting has always been something that I have done on the side. I’ve been a stay at home mom since my little girl was 3 months old and she just turned 8! The time has flown by! I have a lot of side hustles to try and help with expenses. I baby sit 3 kiddos. One I have had since she was 12 weeks old! She is like my own! 

I’ve been baking cakes for about 10 years now. My grandmother used to bake wedding cakes when I was younger and I remember going with her to set them up. They always looked so huge, but what doesn’t look huge to us when we are little! haha. They had fountains, steps from one cake to another with figures of groomsmen and bridesmaids walking down them. So extravagant! 

I started out creating Baby’s Inspiration and creating the cutest little outfits for newborns! I LOVED seeing the crocheted props in professional photos! All the little babies were soo stinking cute. That came to a halt within the past 2 years. Geez it doesn’t seem like that long ago. I developed carpal tunnel and it hurt too much to crochet anymore. So I invited my cousin up who also crochets and she bought all my yarn that I had. 

Good thing I had my cake side hustle going on! I do not know what I would do if I couldn’t make something at least once to 3 times a week. Creating and making things is an outlet. It is my therapy. While I am creating I don’t have time to think about anything else. Which is fantastic cause I have anxiety really bad and I over think everything. My husband hates when I over think but it’s just a part of me now. 

My husband is super supportive of me. He helps make sure that my accounting is on track and perfect. He has given me encouragement when I need it the most. I wouldn’t be where I am right now creating cakes without his encouragement along the way.

This blog/website is the next step for my cake business. My kiddos are grown enough that the oldest can watch the other 2 and they can stay home with out an adult present. That means once my kiddos that I babysit start preschool that this momma is going to have to either start making more money with cake orders, start making money from this blog, or get a real job. 

I’m not excited about going back into the real world of working 9-5. My middle child is really athletic. He plays football (his passion), lacrosse, and basketball. So we are always running him to practices and or games. I love being present at everyone of his games! I think it will mean a lot to him once he is old enough to realize all the things we gave up for him to be able to play sports. Don’t get me wrong I would do it over again 100 times and I love that he is into more than one thing. I couldn’t imagine him not being athletic. 

Then there is my youngest, little, girl, who is into cheerleading. I was swindled into coaching her 3 years ago and fell in love with coaching and helping out the best organization around! I’ve been coaching her squad for 3 seasons now. I am also the spirit wear coordinator for the Union Raiders Football and Cheer organization. I love being involved with my kids sports. 

I’ve recently been asked to help with the lacrosse team! How exciting is that! I haven’t received all the details yet. The season won’t start till the end of January beginning of February. So I still have plenty of time to learn my role! 

I never realized that I would have this much to talk about! Till next time!

Boots, Cowgirl Boots, and Slippers!

I love getting orders for newborn items that I don’t already have in my shop!  It gives me the opportunity to add that item to my ever-growing listings.  Plus I get to try out a new pattern or two!  Here is the latest order that I have had. These boots are by far the cutest Cow girl boots that I have seen!  The are a FREE pattern from Hodgepodge Crochet […]

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Way side…………..

I am going to be honest and say this……I have neglected this page too much.  I need to set a goal to post at least one thing a week, if not more.  Whether it be crochet related or not.  I am a huge crafter of many talents but my main talent lies with crochet and clay work. I would love to get into refinishing furniture to go into my home […]

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What I have been doing lately………

Just wanted to pop in really quick and say “Hi!”  I am still kicking over here.  Busy as ever but I LOVE it!  Here are a few photos of things that I have been making lately.  These are all of the new things that are available to be ordered!


I recently tested out a tutorial for Jenny from Ella Bella Bows.  I LOVE creating girly things!  Especially things that my little girl can use or wear and show off her mommies handy work.  I have made bows previously but nothing this complex.  Even though this tutorial looks like a lot of work, it actually isn’t!  The little turtles work up quickly and are addicting as you can see.  I made an entire army of them!

Jenny is a ribbon wizard!  Check out all of her other creations at her Facebook page.  She has recently added another tutorial to her collection.  I haven’t had the opportunity to make any of these yet but when I do you better watch out!  There will be poinsettia flowers everywhere!  You can purchase her Turtle Ribbon Sculpture here and her Poinsettia Ribbon Sculpture here!










Maker Takeover New Pattern Releases


We’ve got almost THIRTY patterns collected here for you this week! Most of them are BRAND NEW, with a few updated favorites included.

A couple of months ago, several of the Mad Mad Makers decided it would be awesomely fun to all release new patterns on the same day and then see how many spots on the Craftsy Leader board we could take over. We had a blast! Craftsy recently changed the look of their leader board, and you can’t see at a glance who the designer is now, so it might not be as much fun this time around, but we’re going to do it again anyway! AND we are including any platform on which Makers publish their patterns to be sure we get everyone included!

Here’s how YOU can get involved:

  • Follow the links to the patterns listed here,
  • give them a FB like, a comment,
  • Pin the ones you especially like,
  • copy the links to your favorites and post them on your own page
  • or create a little summary post to share with your friends and fans.
  • And be sure to save your favorites to your wish list!

We’ve got quite the collection of wonderful patterns here for you, I do believe there is something for everyone here. Enjoy!

PLEASE VISIT THE MAD MAD MAKERS BLOG POST, which includes all the photos and links to all of these great patterns!

Bowtykes – Fox Jar Cozy
Smalltowndreamz – Holiday Tree Double Pattern Pack
Ella Bella Bows – Turtle Ribbon Sculpture Tutorial
Bowtykes- Hippo Lovey
A Crocheted Simplicity- Knotted Threads Cowl
A Crocheted Simplicity- Knotted Threads Head Wrap
Sincerely Pam – Shannon Scarf/Cowl
One and Two Company – Kitty Lovey Security Blanket
One and Two Company – Snowman Security Blanket
Crystalized Designs – Twisted Colors Earflap Beanie
The Perfect Knot – Summer View 6 Inch Square
The Perfect Knot- The Birthday Bomb Amigurumi Set
Pattern Paradise – Cape Cod Shawl
One and Two Company- Baseball Set Applique
Yarn Baby – Honey Bunches Scarf
The Perfect Knot- Brynlee’s Carousel Beanie
Heritage Heartcraft – Ray of Hope Star Ornament
Bowtykes- Pumpkin Patch Prop Set
ZaneyMay – Macrame Soleless Sandal
ZaneyMay – Eyes of Autumn Bracelet
Pattern Paradise – Loop-d-Loop Bootie
Glamour4You – Chevron Lattice Wristlets
Glamour4You – Candy Corn Bag
Glamour4You – Candy Twist Bag
Kountry Girl Kreations – Charlie the Horse Beanie
Illumikniti Designs – Cordelia Owl Hat
The Crafty Geekette – Whimsy Hat
CraftyBunker – Moebius Cowl