My Baking Creations

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Inspired Cakes

Here are the Minnie and Mickey Mouse inspired cakes that I have made over the years of my career!

If you are a first time visitor, Welcome! I am a stay at home mom who creates custom decorated cake goodness! I also dabble in everything custom! Enjoy!

First Cake Order of the Year!

Not my best photography work. It was early on a saturday morning and things just didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to. I LOVED how this cake turned out though!

The claws are 3D! There is a city going all the way around the cake also. Momma said that her boy will love the cake and it turned out better than she could have imagined it!

Happy Birthday Myles!

Merry Christmas

Can you believe that this is the first time in 10 years of my baking career that I have been asked to make a Christmas themed cake!!! Me either! A lot of families get together and bake this time of year so not a lot of custom cakes are needed this time of year.

I was super excited when I was given full access to decorate this cake how I seen fit. I think it turned out great! I’ve always been envious of all the beautiful cakes on pinterest that other bakers have made during Christmas.

This cake has sprinkles all through out the cake. There are sprinkles baked into the cake, sprinkles in between the layers of the cake, and sprinkles on the outside of the cake! Since they requested white cake I was able to add red and green sprinkles in the cake batter and bake just like you would a confetti cake.

Although when I cut the top off the cake I didn’t see any of the green sprinkles. But the red sprinkles showed up and it looked like I baked it with a candy cane! Then I added red and green swirled sprinkles between the layers of the cake. Of course the cake has sprinkles all over the outside of the cake too!

I am really happy with the way that it turned out! I’ve always loved seeing the swirled christmas trees on other cakes. I was finally able to make one myself!

Christmas Cake Pops For The Local Troopers

So every year since my brother in law has become a Kentucky State Trooper our family has taken food to the post that he works out of. We do this out of appreciation for the sacrifices that they all make for us. So that we can live in a somewhat peaceful area.

Every year I make cake pops. So I documented my process of making cake pops for your veiwing pleasures! This is our 3rd year of taking food to the Troopers.

So the first thing that I do is either take the scraps from cakes that I have already baked or I bake a fresh cake and I crumble it up and put it in my kitchenaide mixer to crumble it into smaller crumbs. Unfortunetly I didn’t capture this process.

After the cake is destroyed and is nothing but small crumbs I add a small amount of icing to the mix. I add enough to make the cake crumbs to stick together. It will have a similar texture to playdoh.

Then I take my meatballer and scoop up some of the cake pop dough and squeeze the handles together. The dough oozes out of the holes on each side and the middle of the ball form.

I scrape all that off and then open the meatballer and Tada! A perfect round cake pop without all the guess work of making it a perfect circle!

Once I am finished rolling out all the cake pop dough I proceed to warm up some candy melt in the microwave. I use a microwave safe bowl and heat the candy melt at 30 second intervals. It takes a few times of heating and stirring before the candy melt is completely melted and smooth.

Do Not rush melting the candy melt. It will burn and have a funky taste and smell to it if you rush.

Once the candy melt is completely melted and smooth I start putting the sticks into the cake balls. To do this you need to dip one end of the stick into the candy melt, being careful not to drip any candy melt every where, then push the stick half way thru the cake ball.

Once you have all the sticks into the cake balls you can put them in the fridge for an hour to firm up. This makes it easier to dip the cake balls into the melted candy melt and keeps the sticks from releasing and leaving the cake ball in the candy melt for you to scoop out. Trust me it’s messy! lol

After about an hour I start melting more candy melt. This time I add a small amount of Crisco to the mix to make the candy melt a little bit thinner and not as thick as it is with out it. The Crisco also helps the candy melt become super smooth on the cake pop once it dries.

Take the cake pops out of the fridge and I start dipping the cake pops into the candy melt. I try not to swirl the cake pops too much while I am dipping them into the candy melt because the stick will come loose and you will be again left with a cake ball in the middle of the candy melt.

Take the cake pops out of the fridge and I start dipping the cake pops into the candy melt. I try not to swirl the cake pops too much while I am dipping them into the candy melt because the stick will come loose and you will be again left with a cake ball in the middle of the candy melt.

Once you have the cake ball dipped and completely covered in candy melt you are going to want to keep the cake ball over the bowl of melted candy melt. You will have some candy melt that will drip off. While holding the cake pop in one hand take your other hand and lightly tap the arm that is holding the cake pop. This helps give a little push to the extra candy melt that is going to drip off.

Once you tap your hand about 30 times and the candy melt has stopped dripping I take my cake pop and stick it into a cake pop stand. If I am going to add sprinkles to the cake pop this is the time that I do it. You need to make sure that you add the sprinkles and what ever else you want on the cake pop before the candy melt has time to dry.

You can use styrofoam or you can just set the cake pop back into the sheet pan to let it dry. If you are going for the perfect cake pop I would recommend getting some sort of cake pop stand to let them dry on. Here is the cake pop stand that I use. I bought it from Wal-Mart. It was less than $10.

It only takes the candy melt about 10 minutes to dry and then you can bag them individually or place them on a decorative plate or pan. For customer orders I bag them individually. But for family functions I set them in a disposible pan.

That’s it! There are a lot of steps but it is relatively easy once you get the hang of it.

Do you have another way of making cake pops? I’d love to hear how you do it!

I offer multiple cake flavors and fillings for cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops.

Cake Flavors are as follows:

White Spice

Chocolate Marbel

Confetti Strawberry

Red Velvet Yellow

Fillings are as follows:

Cream Cheese Strawberry

Raspberry Lemon


If no fillings are chosen then buttercream icing is used as the filling. If your prefered filling isn’t listed please don’t hesitate to ask!

Cake Flavors and Fillings


Here I will outline the general starting prices for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops. Please keep in mind that depending on the amount of detail that is needed for your order and the amount of fondant used on each cake will make prices vary. Please message me directly via email or on my business Facebook page for further details.

Thank you and don’t hesitate to message me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you!

Serving sizes are 2″x2″.

Mason Jar and Sunflower Cookies

With it being so stinkin cold here. It has me thinking of warmer weather. I’ve always loved flowers and enjoy working in the flower beds during the spring and summer months, but I have recently taken a like to sunflowers these days.

It may be because I have recieved a lot more requests for sunflower themed cakes, cookies, and even wreaths! I loved the wreath I made for a friend that I had to make myself one also!

What is your favorite flower?

Polar Express Inspired Cookies

Had a request for these cookies but decided to offer them up as a set for anyone who would want them! They turned out absolutely fantastic! I LOVE when cookies turn out perfect!

Be sure to snag your set today! I’ll be taking orders till December 20th! The set comes with a gold believe ticket, a bell, and a train cookie for $9! You can email me here or send a message thru my Facebook account here!

If you have any other cookies that you would like for me to make don’t hesitate to reach out and we can discuss details! Can’t wait to here from you!