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This is a relatively late post….but what the heck…right?! lol  My friend over at The Whole Knit and Caboodle has nominated my page for The Versatile Blogger Award this year!  They probably have already announced winners but I want to keep in with the group and do what I am supposed to do!

When you’re nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award you must follow a few rules:

If you have been nominated, nominate fellow bloggers that you love and who are relatively new to blogging.  Let them know that you have nominated them.   Share 7 random facts about yourself.  Thank the blogger who has nominated you.  Then add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

Here are my 7 random facts:

1. My favorite soft drink is Coca Cola.

2. I love owls.

3. I love to paint.

4. I enjoy taking pictures as long as the kiddos are cooperative lol.

5. I have dentures.

6.  I am a Registered Medical Assistant.

7.  I want to be a Nurse eventually when my kiddos are in school.

The blogs that I nominate are:

1. Silverdragon Crafts and Critters

2. Whimsy Stitch by Sarah

3. The Perfect Knot

4. Spiffy Dolls

5. Cadorah

6. Dusty’s Country Crochet

7. Crystalized Designs

All these ladies are from my networking group called Mad Mad Makers.  I love each and every one of them dearly!  I would not be where I am today without these lovely ladies help and support!  To join in on the awesomeness of this group just click the link above!

Long time no post…….

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to come and let you know what is going on with me as to why I am not posting as much as I should!  We are in the process of purchasing the home that we have been renting for the past 2 years.  Yay us!  I am so excited to be able to make this house a home and more comfy.  We have wanted to update a few things here and there but resisted the urge to do so until the home is ours 100%.  I can not wait to put my style into this house and make it more suitable than what it already is!

The appraiser came yesterday.  We should know within a week what they think our home is worth.  That is one more step in the right direction!  We have been cleaning like crazy!  Not saying that my house is dirty.  But with 3 small children in the home and the way they grow, and how grandmas buy them toys all of the time.  Things sure do accumulate pretty quickly.  So I have been purging, cleaning, and getting things that don’t fit into tubs and out into the garage for a yard sale later in the season.  So in between baseball games and practice, going and seeing everyone’s babies (everyone we know is having babies around us!), cleaning and purging, cub scouts, and making time for family.  We are a pretty busy family in the spring of each year.

I am so excited to be able to use some of the ideas that I have found on Pinterest!  The hubby is just as excited as I am about making the house into our home.  He is already looking into finishing the basement.  Which might be a job all by itself since it is a block foundation and leaks when we have really hard rain.

I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and producing at least one new item to my shop every week!  So stay tuned. I might just start showing the progress of our home remodel too!  I haven’t decided on that one yet.  Let me know what you think I should do.  Leave a comment!!!!

Talk to you soon!

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So….Where to begin.  lol I have been quite busy the past few days and have been meaning to post things on here.  So what I am going to do is tell you about my busyness and then show you all kinds of new things!

Started out as a good week was getting things accomplished around the house laundry was going, dishes were being washed.  I then received a phone call from the school nurse informing me that I needed to come and get my son.  He had an accident and needed to go and get possibly a few stitches.  If you know my oldest, you know that this is totally out of the norm.  He has always been the one who doesn’t like to get dirty.  He is definitely not the risk taker.  He is afraid of heights and doesn’t like to rough house.  Took the babies next door to be watched so I could go and get #1 and take him to the doctor.  When I walked into the nurse’s office he was sitting there on the table and you could tell that he had been crying hard.  Thank goodness that the cut was not any worse than what it was.  It was really deep but very small.  Long story short.  We met the hubby at the urgent care close to where we live.  I tried not to tell #1 that he would have to have stitches because he hates being in pain.  He may be the oldest but he is the biggest baby out of all 3 of them. I wish that I would have video taped the procedure.  I could have submitted it to America’s Funniest Videos and possibly won!

Now onto some crafty stuff!  I recently posted on my Facebook page a question of what would everyone like to see next in the shop for crochet hooks.  I got many responses.  I chose one so far.  I plan on making more of the requests though in due time.  So here is what I have been working on lately.  Enjoy the show!

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Be sure to check out my Etsy store to purchase a hook here!

Oh and the cowl is coming soon!  Be sure to follow me to find out what it looks like!

Crochet, Clay, Stitches, Cranky, Cowls, Birds……………….

All dogs go to heaven…..

Sorry for MIA the past couple of days. I had to make one of the hardest decisions to date. I had to determine if I wanted to try to save my dog, Eres. He was a Brussels griffon mix. He was about 2 years old. We adopted him from the pound when he was one. He was the cutest thing ever! I had to do a lot of persuading on my […]

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Fun Filled Day.

Hello everyone!  It’s been a long day!  Went to a birthday party at a bowling alley for a 3-year-old.  It was definitely different.  I personally would never have my children’s birthday party there unless they were much older and actually knew what bowling was and enjoyed it!  Then when I came home my long-lost cousin who also loves to craft as much as I do came over and we played […]

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So I want to thank the few that are with me at the moment for being patient while I have set this blog up to what I think it should be!  There is probably way more to come but as for now I am content!  I know what I am doing and I am confident using WordPress!  So with all that said it’s 2:30 in the am and I have […]

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