Community Service Project

So my 7th grader had a project where they had to do some sort of community service project.

Low and behold my procrastinator of a son waited till the last minute to tell us he needed to do this project. So of course my husband and I had to reach out to friends and co-workers for help.

Thank goodness we have a big network!

My husbands bosses wife works at The Brighton Center Family Center in Newport. She was able to work my son and his partner in for some community service time! Big thanks to her!!

So I rearranged my schedule so that I could take them down there.

They had an event where families could come and drop their children off while they go shopping across the street at their other building. No kids showed up. So the boys wound up re-stocking the pantry where volunteers and workers filled up bags for each family so that they could have a meal.

This event happens quite often during the holiday season. Families can come and get the bags of food at different times during the week and they even had it set up for a few hours on Saturday morning too!

It was a humbling experience even for me. Of course I helped also. I can’t stand to just sit there when I could be helping. It’s just not in my nature.

We had a cart that we would take to another level in the building and fill it up with cans of green beans, corn, instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. Then we would take it to the main floor and replenish the shelves for the next day.

It took about 4 trips with the amount of bags that they was handing out to families who needed help.

I made the boys fill the cart up as much as possible each trip we took. That is what they get for waiting till the last minute lol.

Once the shelves where filled the boys helped fill the bags for families for the next morning.

They had bags for small families and bags for large families.

The large bags consisted of 6 apples, 3 oranges, 2 hams or 2 turkeys , 3 cans of green beans, 3 cans of corn, 2 bags of instant mashed potatoes, 2 boxes of corn bread, gravy, and 2 boxes of stuffing.

The smaller bags consisted of 4 apples, 2 oranges, a ham or turkey, 2 cans of green beans, 2 cans of corn, 1 bag of instant mashed potatoes, 2 boxes of cornbread, gravy, and 1 box of stuffing.

Getting more apples for the next day.

I had to take several photos for their project. They had to write a one page report about it along with poster board with photos and descriptions under each photo.

This is their storage room for their non perishable foods.

At the end of the event there was 2 gentlemen who had come in to see if they could get any help. They was out on the streets with no where to go. So one of the lovely ladies that we worked with that evening filling the bags gave them some food that they could take with them and fix later on.

Like peanut butter, jelly, and bread, that way they could fix. more than one meal and not be hungry.

They then scheduled an appointment for the next morning to come in and speak with someone who could help them get back on their feet and not be out on the streets anymore.

The boys were amazed that they had witnessed this situation. On our way home that evening we passed the 2 gentlemen walking on the sidewalk. Needless to say we had a discussion about why people become homeless and what The Brighton Center Family Center does to help them out.

Traveling on Christmas Day

I came across this shared post on Facebook that one of my other friends shared the other day. It hit how I feel right on the head of the nail.

At the beginning we went to 4 different houses for 4 different Christmases. It was exhausting. Over the years things have changed slightly. One Christmas was moved to after Christmas Day which was a delight that we could sleep in an extra few hours. We still however visit 3 different places for 3 different Christmases.

We eat, we rush everyone to open presents, so that we can leave and go to the next place to eat, open presents, and leave to go to another Christmas.

I would just love to be able to sit down and relax. Not having to worry about what time it is. Not having to make sure that we leave here at a certain time so that we can make it to another location and spend the same amount of time with them as we have everyone else. I am just tired.

I spent a lot of time growing up spending the night with my grandma. I would go to church with her, help with vacation bible school, get off the bus at her house, I had my own room there, I even went on vacation with her one time to Myrtle Beach!

I will be heartbroken when things change. But I am just tired. It’s not fun getting 3 kids together, all the gifts, and all the food that we take to each place. We don’t get anytime to ourselves to enjoy the kids opening their presents and allowing them to play with them that same day.

Granted my kids are older now, 13, 9, and 8. It still isn’t easy, but it has become easier over the years because they can put themselves in the car and buckle up and they only have booster seats now instead of big clunky car seats.

But till that time comes. I will enjoy the moments we get with our grandmas before it’s taken away. I’ll still be tired.

Twinning with my Daughter

We usually buy my daughter’s holiday dresses at Costco. We absolutely LOVE Costco! Unfotunetly she has outgrown their dress sizes this year. I was really bummed but stayed optimistic that I would find a dress for her somewhere else. So about a week ago I set out to finish Christmas shopping since we are quite busy during this time of year trying to fit in all the gatherings and making sure my althetic child attends his basketball practices and games.

I went every where and could not find the perfect dress. I thought all the dresses at all the stores where either too gaudy or just not perfect enough for her. They didn’t fit the criteria I was looking for.

Usually all her dresses from Costco are around $25. Pretty reasonable. All the dresses that would fit her this year would cost any where from $50 – how ever much I wanted to spend!

I wasn’t about to spend that kind of money on a dress that she is going to wear for one day. My family only buys clothes when they are on sale! So spending that much money on a dress for one day was out of the question.

So with all my craftiness I thought to myself, forget the expensive dress. She loves to match. She calls it twinning or that we are twins. So I am taking advantage of this stage in her life and I made us matching Christmas gnome shirts.

The gnomes are completely made out of glitter htv. I know you aren’t supposed to layer glitter htv but I wasn’t about to weed the plaid design on all 6 hats. The first hat was a pain in the rear end to weed and the small pieces towards the edge of the hat came off when I pulled away the outside of the htv.

She is excited about matching all day on Christmas that she has been counting down the days! I think I am going to add some words of some sort. I just haven’t found the perfect phrase yet. Do you have any suggestions on the phrase I should use?

Do you have a little girl that loves to match you? What are some of the outfits that you have worn that match with them? Let me know in the comments below!

Union Raiders 4th Grade Team plays Local Mascots during Bengal vs Patriots NFL Game

How exciting is it that my son’s team was chosen to play during the half time show against local mascots during the Bengals versus Patriots game on December 15th! I think I was more excited than my son was!

Thanks to the NKYFL for asking us if we would like to participate in this once in a lifetime event! These boys will remember this day for the rest of their lives! Not to mention that one play caught on video went viral!

They entered into the stadium the same way that the players do. The Patriots had just entered thru the same entrance only 30 minutes before the boys went thru!

They were escorted to their own locker room that they shared with the local mascots. There was a wall that divided them so the boys couldn’t see who was who after they was dressed up.

Here they are in the locker room enjoying the lunches that was provided to them!

Since my husband is a coach to my son’s team he was able to be with him every step of the way. He is such a good daddy and husband. He took a lot of photos since I had to stay in the stands. There was a handful of us moms that snuck into the boys viewing area and sat with them during the game.

Suiting up during the 2nd quarter. Getting ready to go against the local mascots.

They held their end with the mascots! It was a great and hilarious game. Once I figure out how to add videos I will add them so you can see the boys in action! They ended the half time game with a tie against the mascots!

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed being there!

Getting Inspired

Where do you go to get inspiration for cakes, cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes? I have always turned to Pinterest! It’s probably why my pinterest account has soo many pins! I have been an avid Pinterest user for years!

Most of my clients send pictures of what they want their cakes to look like when they place their orders. Which takes a lot of the creativity out of planning the cake. I do have quite a few loyal customers who will send multiple pictures of cakes. They have one detail from each photo that they want me to incorporate into one cake.

Those type of requests are fun to me. I get to be more creative with the cake, cupcake, cake pop, or cookie.

I wouldn’t know what to do without Pinterest! I get a lot of my inspiration from there.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Christmas Lists…..

My husband asked for a Christmas list from me this year. I was confused. i complied and gave him a honey to do list of things that I would love to do the house, a list of things I want for my small business to hopefully help it grow so I can help a little more with our finances, and then my list.

As I handed all those lists to him he gave me the weirdest look. He was probably thinking “what the heck did I just get myself into?” Haha. We have been in this house for 5 years this summer and I only have half of the house painted to my liking.

I’m itching to finish the kitchen decorations and would love to be more organized in my craft room with maybe a bigger desk. I painted and decorated the living room. I painted the kitchen cabinets this summer and absolutely LOVE them. Now to finish the counter top, paint the walls, and find some more decorative items.

He came to me the other day and asked which would be the top #1 thing that I would want for christmas off my list. He said he could’t afford to do all of them at once. Hehe. I have expensive tastes.

I asked for camera set up so that I can record myself decorating cakes and cookies cause who doesn’t love watching those kind of videos. I find them so relaxing. I had a new Cricut Maker on my list along with some Keep charms that I wouldn’t mind having.

I chose the camera set up for recording myself. I figured that it would be the most beneficial to my blog trying to get it up and running. Maybe it would even drive some sales my way also. I would LOVE to be one of those bloggers that recieves free items in return for their review and a post on their blog about the product.

I have always admired those bloggers who have been successfull. I am determined this time around to become one of them.

So what are some items that I need to add to my list of camera set up for vlogging and blogging. Since I used to crochet I know all about light boxes and how important backgrounds are for photos. So I pretty much have that covered.

Is there a better camera that I must have? Or a lens that works better than others? I have a 24mm lens on the list for videoing and a 50 mm lens for photos.

Tell me what to get below in the comments!

Cake Decorating Sets

This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. Please read my Disclosure for more information.

I was just looking thru Amazon, my favorite place to shop! I noticed all the cake decorating kits that they sell. I sure wish they exhisted 10 years ago! It would have been nice to have all those things instead of piecing it all together over the years as I needed certain tools.

Here are a few of the cake decorating sets that would be great if you are wanting to start out decorating or have already started and need more things to expand your techniques! Are there any sets else where that I am missing? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy!

This kit above comes with 243 pieces for less than $50! The only thing missing is cake boards to set the cake on! You can purchse this kit here. I personally haven’t used this particular kit before. Although I would purchase this if I was just starting out in this day and age. This kit has enough tools to get you thru your first year! There are a few things that I wish I had!

If you aren’t sure about throwing down $50 to get almost everything you would need to start out here is a great kit that is $31. It comes with 117 tools! It even comes with a book with recipes and some helpful tips on how to ice and use the tips! Here is the link to purchase this kit!

This kit here has all the essential tips to get started with plenty of pastry bags! This kit cost $14.99 and you can purchase it here. I am always running out of pastry bags.

The turntables in each of these kits is a must! It makes decorating around the cake soo much easier! I still don’t have the scrappers for the side of the cake! May be my next purchase!

I couldn’t open a jar of jelly……

This morning while fixing the kids lunches I realized that I needed a new jar of jelly for their pb&j sandwiches. Instinctively I grab one out of the pantry and try to open it. I couldn’t.

I used to be the one who everyone always came to to open jars they couldn’t. Now I am the one who has to search out someone to open up jars for me. Ugh stupid carpel tunnel. My grip is not what it used to be.

This makes me sad. 😦 My poor husband has clammy hands. So he normally comes to me when he needs something opened. He can never get a grip on lids to open them, and my 13 year old is as week as I am! haha. Hopefully he gets stronger as he grows more. :/

So I am on the search for things to help make opening jars easier for myself. I have these rubber grips but can NEVER find them when I need them. They get legs and walk off.

Here is 10 things including the one posted above I have found to help!

  1. Evriholder East-Twist Jar Opener. Purchase here.

2. Pampered Chef Jar Opener

3. Jar Opener Multifunction Adjustable for 1-4 inches Bottle Can, Stainless Steel. Purchase here.

4. The Grip Jar Opener. Purchase this here.

5. Bottle Opener, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1, Can, Soda, and Jar Openers. You can purchase here.

6. Elabo Can Opener and Jar Opener Set.

7. Putting Duct Tape on a lid like this looks easy enough!

8. Rubberized Jar Opener by Brilliant Promos

9. Swing-A-Way 711BK Comfort Grip Jar Opener. Purchase here.

Do you have one that you like the best? Comment below and tell me about it!

About Me

A little about me. I am a SAHM to 3 wonderful kids. They get on my nerves but I still love them to death. Baking and decorating cakes along with crocheting has always been something that I have done on the side. I’ve been a stay at home mom since my little girl was 3 months old and she just turned 8! The time has flown by! I have a lot of side hustles to try and help with expenses. I baby sit 3 kiddos. One I have had since she was 12 weeks old! She is like my own! 

I’ve been baking cakes for about 10 years now. My grandmother used to bake wedding cakes when I was younger and I remember going with her to set them up. They always looked so huge, but what doesn’t look huge to us when we are little! haha. They had fountains, steps from one cake to another with figures of groomsmen and bridesmaids walking down them. So extravagant! 

I started out creating Baby’s Inspiration and creating the cutest little outfits for newborns! I LOVED seeing the crocheted props in professional photos! All the little babies were soo stinking cute. That came to a halt within the past 2 years. Geez it doesn’t seem like that long ago. I developed carpal tunnel and it hurt too much to crochet anymore. So I invited my cousin up who also crochets and she bought all my yarn that I had. 

Good thing I had my cake side hustle going on! I do not know what I would do if I couldn’t make something at least once to 3 times a week. Creating and making things is an outlet. It is my therapy. While I am creating I don’t have time to think about anything else. Which is fantastic cause I have anxiety really bad and I over think everything. My husband hates when I over think but it’s just a part of me now. 

My husband is super supportive of me. He helps make sure that my accounting is on track and perfect. He has given me encouragement when I need it the most. I wouldn’t be where I am right now creating cakes without his encouragement along the way.

This blog/website is the next step for my cake business. My kiddos are grown enough that the oldest can watch the other 2 and they can stay home with out an adult present. That means once my kiddos that I babysit start preschool that this momma is going to have to either start making more money with cake orders, start making money from this blog, or get a real job. 

I’m not excited about going back into the real world of working 9-5. My middle child is really athletic. He plays football (his passion), lacrosse, and basketball. So we are always running him to practices and or games. I love being present at everyone of his games! I think it will mean a lot to him once he is old enough to realize all the things we gave up for him to be able to play sports. Don’t get me wrong I would do it over again 100 times and I love that he is into more than one thing. I couldn’t imagine him not being athletic. 

Then there is my youngest, little, girl, who is into cheerleading. I was swindled into coaching her 3 years ago and fell in love with coaching and helping out the best organization around! I’ve been coaching her squad for 3 seasons now. I am also the spirit wear coordinator for the Union Raiders Football and Cheer organization. I love being involved with my kids sports. 

I’ve recently been asked to help with the lacrosse team! How exciting is that! I haven’t received all the details yet. The season won’t start till the end of January beginning of February. So I still have plenty of time to learn my role! 

I never realized that I would have this much to talk about! Till next time!

Way side…………..

I am going to be honest and say this……I have neglected this page too much.  I need to set a goal to post at least one thing a week, if not more.  Whether it be crochet related or not.  I am a huge crafter of many talents but my main talent lies with crochet and clay work. I would love to get into refinishing furniture to go into my home […]

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