Union Raiders 4th Grade Team plays Local Mascots during Bengal vs Patriots NFL Game

How exciting is it that my son’s team was chosen to play during the half time show against local mascots during the Bengals versus Patriots game on December 15th! I think I was more excited than my son was!

Thanks to the NKYFL for asking us if we would like to participate in this once in a lifetime event! These boys will remember this day for the rest of their lives! Not to mention that one play caught on video went viral!

They entered into the stadium the same way that the players do. The Patriots had just entered thru the same entrance only 30 minutes before the boys went thru!

They were escorted to their own locker room that they shared with the local mascots. There was a wall that divided them so the boys couldn’t see who was who after they was dressed up.

Here they are in the locker room enjoying the lunches that was provided to them!

Since my husband is a coach to my son’s team he was able to be with him every step of the way. He is such a good daddy and husband. He took a lot of photos since I had to stay in the stands. There was a handful of us moms that snuck into the boys viewing area and sat with them during the game.

Suiting up during the 2nd quarter. Getting ready to go against the local mascots.

They held their end with the mascots! It was a great and hilarious game. Once I figure out how to add videos I will add them so you can see the boys in action! They ended the half time game with a tie against the mascots!

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed being there!

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