Twinning with my Daughter

We usually buy my daughter’s holiday dresses at Costco. We absolutely LOVE Costco! Unfotunetly she has outgrown their dress sizes this year. I was really bummed but stayed optimistic that I would find a dress for her somewhere else. So about a week ago I set out to finish Christmas shopping since we are quite busy during this time of year trying to fit in all the gatherings and making sure my althetic child attends his basketball practices and games.

I went every where and could not find the perfect dress. I thought all the dresses at all the stores where either too gaudy or just not perfect enough for her. They didn’t fit the criteria I was looking for.

Usually all her dresses from Costco are around $25. Pretty reasonable. All the dresses that would fit her this year would cost any where from $50 – how ever much I wanted to spend!

I wasn’t about to spend that kind of money on a dress that she is going to wear for one day. My family only buys clothes when they are on sale! So spending that much money on a dress for one day was out of the question.

So with all my craftiness I thought to myself, forget the expensive dress. She loves to match. She calls it twinning or that we are twins. So I am taking advantage of this stage in her life and I made us matching Christmas gnome shirts.

The gnomes are completely made out of glitter htv. I know you aren’t supposed to layer glitter htv but I wasn’t about to weed the plaid design on all 6 hats. The first hat was a pain in the rear end to weed and the small pieces towards the edge of the hat came off when I pulled away the outside of the htv.

She is excited about matching all day on Christmas that she has been counting down the days! I think I am going to add some words of some sort. I just haven’t found the perfect phrase yet. Do you have any suggestions on the phrase I should use?

Do you have a little girl that loves to match you? What are some of the outfits that you have worn that match with them? Let me know in the comments below!

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