Traveling on Christmas Day

I came across this shared post on Facebook that one of my other friends shared the other day. It hit how I feel right on the head of the nail.

At the beginning we went to 4 different houses for 4 different Christmases. It was exhausting. Over the years things have changed slightly. One Christmas was moved to after Christmas Day which was a delight that we could sleep in an extra few hours. We still however visit 3 different places for 3 different Christmases.

We eat, we rush everyone to open presents, so that we can leave and go to the next place to eat, open presents, and leave to go to another Christmas.

I would just love to be able to sit down and relax. Not having to worry about what time it is. Not having to make sure that we leave here at a certain time so that we can make it to another location and spend the same amount of time with them as we have everyone else. I am just tired.

I spent a lot of time growing up spending the night with my grandma. I would go to church with her, help with vacation bible school, get off the bus at her house, I had my own room there, I even went on vacation with her one time to Myrtle Beach!

I will be heartbroken when things change. But I am just tired. It’s not fun getting 3 kids together, all the gifts, and all the food that we take to each place. We don’t get anytime to ourselves to enjoy the kids opening their presents and allowing them to play with them that same day.

Granted my kids are older now, 13, 9, and 8. It still isn’t easy, but it has become easier over the years because they can put themselves in the car and buckle up and they only have booster seats now instead of big clunky car seats.

But till that time comes. I will enjoy the moments we get with our grandmas before it’s taken away. I’ll still be tired.

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