Cake Decorating Sets

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I was just looking thru Amazon, my favorite place to shop! I noticed all the cake decorating kits that they sell. I sure wish they exhisted 10 years ago! It would have been nice to have all those things instead of piecing it all together over the years as I needed certain tools.

Here are a few of the cake decorating sets that would be great if you are wanting to start out decorating or have already started and need more things to expand your techniques! Are there any sets else where that I am missing? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy!

This kit above comes with 243 pieces for less than $50! The only thing missing is cake boards to set the cake on! You can purchse this kit here. I personally haven’t used this particular kit before. Although I would purchase this if I was just starting out in this day and age. This kit has enough tools to get you thru your first year! There are a few things that I wish I had!

If you aren’t sure about throwing down $50 to get almost everything you would need to start out here is a great kit that is $31. It comes with 117 tools! It even comes with a book with recipes and some helpful tips on how to ice and use the tips! Here is the link to purchase this kit!

This kit here has all the essential tips to get started with plenty of pastry bags! This kit cost $14.99 and you can purchase it here. I am always running out of pastry bags.

The turntables in each of these kits is a must! It makes decorating around the cake soo much easier! I still don’t have the scrappers for the side of the cake! May be my next purchase!

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