I couldn’t open a jar of jelly……

This morning while fixing the kids lunches I realized that I needed a new jar of jelly for their pb&j sandwiches. Instinctively I grab one out of the pantry and try to open it. I couldn’t.

I used to be the one who everyone always came to to open jars they couldn’t. Now I am the one who has to search out someone to open up jars for me. Ugh stupid carpel tunnel. My grip is not what it used to be.

This makes me sad. 😦 My poor husband has clammy hands. So he normally comes to me when he needs something opened. He can never get a grip on lids to open them, and my 13 year old is as week as I am! haha. Hopefully he gets stronger as he grows more. :/

So I am on the search for things to help make opening jars easier for myself. I have these rubber grips but can NEVER find them when I need them. They get legs and walk off.

Here is 10 things including the one posted above I have found to help!

  1. Evriholder East-Twist Jar Opener. Purchase here.

2. Pampered Chef Jar Opener

3. Jar Opener Multifunction Adjustable for 1-4 inches Bottle Can, Stainless Steel. Purchase here.

4. The Grip Jar Opener. Purchase this here.

5. Bottle Opener, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1, Can, Soda, and Jar Openers. You can purchase here.

6. Elabo Can Opener and Jar Opener Set.

7. Putting Duct Tape on a lid like this looks easy enough!

8. Rubberized Jar Opener by Brilliant Promos

9. Swing-A-Way 711BK Comfort Grip Jar Opener. Purchase here.

Do you have one that you like the best? Comment below and tell me about it!

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  1. I keep the rubber grippy things in just about every drawer!

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